Why are liberal…

Why are liberals outraged when someone calls the president a Kenyan but cool with Elizabeth Warren’s claim that she’s Cherokee? It seems there is at least as much evidence of the former as there is of the later.


2 comments on “Why are liberal…

  1. Well- as a liberal- I don’t particularly suport Warren labeling herself as Cherokee- though I do, somewhat, understand it. I have known many people in my lifetime- from across the political spectrum, who, for one reason or another, either proudly latched on to a part of their heritage, or conversely- tried to hide it. (and Native American is one of those that people always seemed to latch onto for some reason).

    But the reason for the distate of calling Obama Kenyan should be obvious. It is not being used as a mark of pride in his heritages diversity- but as a slander- and one more often then not to imply, or outright state, he is not american.

    Obama- like many of us- is a mutt. A misture of many heritages. And while we should not try to define ourselves by any portion of this comingling of genes- neither should we let others define us by iy.

    • verminmccann says:

      Sorry your post didn’t show up earlier. I didn’t realize I had it set up so that I had to approve comments.

      As to the substance of your post: Do you disagree with me that at least part of the objection to assertions regarding Obama’s place of birth stems from the dishonesty of such assertions? That is, if Obama had actually been born in Kenya, would it be equally objectionable to point that out as it is to falsely claim that he is Kenyan? My question related to that premise. I was asking why it’s more acceptable to liberals for Warren to tell ludicrous lies about her heritage than it is to tell ludicrous lies about Obama’s background? (But only when such lies are intended to harm The One and not when told on his behalf: http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/birthers/booklet.asp.)

      Regardless, your contention seems to be that the real problem with claiming that Obama is that such claims are made with a self-serving objective and racist. But wasn’t Warren’s claim equally self-serving? And isn’t it at least somewhat racist for a person who is not a member of a minority group to exploit that group by claiming such membership?



      Update: I’d also point out that, depending on how you mean “slander” in your second paragraph, you might be conceding that the dishonesty of the claims about Obama’s heritage is part of the reason they are objectionable. If so, are you also contenting that it’s more acceptable to lie to gain personal advantage than it is to lie to disparage someone?

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