As a follow on to my last post, I dare someone to try to explain what the hell a post-partisan political campaign is.


Flow of consciousness style reaction to this nonsense: I don’t get it. No one is answering the phone in the White House, and they think that’s Romney’s fault? Oh I see, what they actually did was call the Romney campaign headquarters at three a.m. and lie about calling the White House. Wait, they thought someone would answer the phone at Romney campaign headquarters at 3 a.m.? Derp!

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Remember Obama …

Remember, Obama sheep: rich white people hate you and don’t have your best interests at heart (unless, of course, they’re liberal celebrities; then you can trust them).

My instinct tells me that these ads are going to get more nauseous and more creepy as the campaign drags on.

Exit question: Why are you people not offended by how stupid they think you are?

Among the stupi…

Among the stupidest of the arguments I’ve heard regarding the saga of Zimmerman and Saint Skittles is the contention by jfsfrnd and others that Zimmerman gave up his right to self defense merely by leaving the safety of his vehicle. An apt analogy can be drawn this story from the Orlando Sentinel, wherein a homeowner legally shot an intruder who had entered the home when the homeowner opened the door while telling him to leave. Zimmerman’s response to Trayvon’s attack, once it occurred, was not made less justified by the fact that Zimmerman could have done things to avoid the attack.