I’m a law student who’s started a blog for no particular reason. I plan to write about things that interest me, including but not limited to: Politics, Law, Guns, Small “L” Libertarianism, Religion, Skepticism, Pseudoscience, Actual Science, Current Events, Beer, Spaceships, Writing, and Any Other Thing That Happens to be on My Mind. Go read the Huffington Post if you don’t like my subject matter.

My plan is to follow the Instapundit model–a link with brief commentary when appropriate. I also plan on featuring a Quote of the Day because lots people have said some really smart stuff.

Hoping that I am fortunate enough to have people actually read my blog, I intend to leave commenting enabled. I envision, and hope to encourage, a kind of gloves-off respect–commenters should feel free to say what they mean using the language they feel best expresses it, with the understanding that other commentors will treat them accordingly. Debate can be like a contact sport–you try to take the other guy’s head home in your gym bag, not because you don’t respect him, but because it would be disrespectful to him if you didn’t try, and you can always work it out over a pint after the game. On the other hand, if you play dirty, you should expect the same in return. If you feel like saying something racist, or carrying on about 9/11 “truth,” etc., you should feel free to do so, and the rest of us should feel free to call you retarded. Actually, in those cases, I might still ban you, because you’re an idiot and an asshole and nobody likes idiots or assholes.


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